Saturday, February 7, 2009

Does Your Baby Make up his own Signs?

Mine does! He always watches my husband and I to see what we are doing. When he wants chapstick, he smacks his lips (I guess he sees me rub the chapstick on with my lips). He is relentless until he gets the chapstick. There are many others which I cannot think of at the moment, but I got an email from Dion who told us: "Just wanted to send in a new sign that my 11 month old recently came up with recently. When ever my wife and I cough, he see us tap our chest and he started doing it every time he coughs. It is really cute looking at him do it." Thanks for the email Dion! Love to see what babies will make up! On that note, they love to imitate, so if you want it to be cute...BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR!
thanks again!
Always love to hear from you!

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