Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Signs Winner

Sarah Grossmann of Kauai is our winner of the Baby Signs Starter Kit! Congratulations!
Sarah wrote:"I really wanted to sign with my first child, but found the book
I read
about it too complicated to follow and gave up too early to see any
I really have been inspired to try again with my second child by
the results
I have seen with Monika and her child. It's so neat to see them
with the signs and her son seems so centered and intelligent. I
know every
child has their "moments", but they do seem to be less frequent
when you
have some way to communicate with your child. I hope that I can
use the
baby signing videos to help foster fun learning with my children.
exciting, too, that my older child is trying to sign to the baby!"

Thank you Sarah, Enjoy!

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